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 We offer a wide variety of landscaping services in Poquoson, Virginia

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Revitalize Your Outdoor Living in Poquoson with Premier Landscaping Services

Poquoson Landscaping CompanyEnvision a transformed landscape that not only captures your imagination but also enhances your quality of outdoor living. Outdoor Living Experts, backed by prestigious certifications from the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) and the National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA), is here to bring your dream outdoor spaces to life in Poquoson, Virginia.

We specialize in comprehensive landscape design, featuring cutting-edge 3D landscape visualizations, assisting both homeowners and businesses in crafting the perfect outdoor environments. Our offerings range from vibrant garden beds teeming with seasonal florals to precision-installed hardscaping elements, all executed by our team of seasoned landscapers dedicated to converting spaces into captivating and functional retreats.

Imagine unwinding on a meticulously laid paver patio, enveloped by the rich hues of a thoughtfully assembled flower garden, or hosting memorable gatherings in an outdoor kitchen, perfectly illuminated by subtle landscape lighting. Visualize the functionality of a robust retaining wall, creating additional usable space on a slope, adding both aesthetic appeal and practicality to your property. Whether you see yourself basking in the warmth of a firepit on cool evenings or seeking serenity in a secluded outdoor living area, in the affluent neighborhoods of Poquoson such as Bull Run, Valmoore Estates, and Heritage Cove, residents place a high value on top-notch landscaping and hardscaping to enhance both the beauty and usability of their properties.

Elevating Outdoor Spaces in Poquoson’s Upscale Communities

In these upscale communities, the demand for superior landscaping services is significant, and Outdoor Living Experts is fully equipped to meet these expectations. Our proficiency encompasses creating balanced integrations of softscapes and hardscapes, ensuring a smooth transition from the natural splendor of your garden to the refined elegance of paver patios, outdoor kitchens, and beyond. With an in-depth understanding of the specific climate and horticulture of the Virginia Peninsula, we ensure your seasonal flower gardens flourish, providing a captivating array of colors throughout the year.

Are you prepared to elevate your outdoor living space to a masterpiece of design and practicality? Whether you are a homeowner or a business operator in the charming city of Poquoson, Outdoor Living Experts is your premier choice for unmatched landscaping and hardscaping services.

Contact us today at (757) 890-0770 or fill out our online form to embark on the journey toward achieving your dream outdoor space. Our enthusiastic team is ready to collaborate with you, customizing our services to cater to your distinct preferences and requirements, guaranteeing a result that surpasses your highest expectations. Discover a realm of outdoor excellence with Outdoor Living Experts!

Completed Landscaping Projects

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Landscaping Services In Poquoson

We offer a variety of landscaping services and unique, creative ideas to improve your landscape and curb appeal on your Poquoson property

From a beautiful paver patio to winding garden pathways or even a driveway.  We specialize in paver installations and hardscaping.

We specialize in building new block and boulder retaining walls or replacing retaining walls that have collapsed.

We build beautiful outdoor firepits that you can relax around with your friends and family on those warm summer evenings.

Lighting will add a whole new dynamic to your landscaping.  We design and install LED landscape lighting systems.

Would you like seed or sod?  We specialize in property grading and the installation of beautiful new lawn areas.

We specialize in designing and planting new garden beds, planting privacy hedges, shrubs, bushes, and even mature trees.

Suffer from poor drainage?  We specialize in designing and installing effective drainage systems including french drains and swales.

Seasonal Flower Displays

We design and plant beautiful seasonal flower displays so your landscape stays colorful and vibrant all year-round.

Additional Landscaping Services

The sky is the limit when it comes to your landscaping.  In addition to our core services listed above, we also do the following

Backyard Landscaping
Boulder Landscaping
Drainage Swales
Front Entrance Landscaping
Front Yard Landscaping
Garden Bed Makeovers
Garden Walls
Gravel Parking Pads
Outdoor Cooking Areas
Outdoor Living Spaces
Pathway Landscaping
Pool Area Landscaping
Privacy Hedge Planting
River Rock Landscaping
Tree Planting
Tree Removal

Designing Superior Outdoor Living Spaces in Poquoson

Founded in 2009, Outdoor Living Experts (OLÉ) quickly rose to prominence as a leader in the landscape design-build sector within the Virginia Peninsula. What began as ‘Landscapes by Eric Bailey’ has evolved into a dynamic venture, rebranded in 2023 to better reflect our comprehensive expertise in creating unique outdoor living environments. Despite the changes, our core commitment to enhancing property aesthetics through enduring beauty and functionality remains steadfast.

Today, under the innovative leadership of Quentin Daugherty and with Eric Bailey’s unparalleled plant and design knowledge, OLÉ stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of landscape design, hardscaping, and seasonal gardening. Our mastery extends to designing and building sublime outdoor spaces that harmoniously blend softscapes and hardscapes, from lush garden beds bursting with color to intricate paver patios and outdoor living areas.

Poquoson: Elegance in Every Corner Of Your Landscape

Poquoson stands as a unique canvas for our landscape artistry, with affluent neighborhoods like Oxford Run, Lawson Farms, and Topping providing bountiful opportunities to showcase our expert skills. Our team excels at tailoring outdoor spaces to mirror the distinct charm of each locale, ensuring our designs not only align with the existing architectural elegance but also elevate the community’s overall aesthetic allure.

We extend an invitation for you to explore limitless possibilities with OLÉ. Have you ever imagined the luxury of an elegant outdoor kitchen for your gatherings? Or the transformative effect of meticulous landscape lighting enhancing the ambiance of your estate? Whether residing in the lush expanses of Lawson Farms or the tranquil settings of Oxford Run, our seasoned team is ready and eager to turn your outdoor aspirations into reality.

Contact us today at (757) 890-0770 or fill out our online form, and let’s start crafting your personalized outdoor paradise in Poquoson.

Joshua Carpenter
Joshua Carpenter
November 22, 2023

Quentin and crew transformed our unique and failing backyard landscape into a space we use and enjoy. We are very happy with both the result and the process, from start to finish.

September 21, 2023

We were in the market for a nice fire pit and planned on just doing a traditional wood burning fit pit. Outdoor Living Experts (OLE) happen to come with an excellent proposal for investing into a gas fire pit and did an excellent job explaining the added benefits of the investment. We chose to move forward based off their recommendations and are so happy we did! Our family and friends love visiting in the cooler months of the year to warm up by the clean burning fire pit, that we can light up without any hassle. Best regards - David L.

Paul Connolly
Paul Connolly
September 21, 2023

Always professional from concept to design to execution. Friendly and easy to work with. We’ll be using Ole again in the near future.

Jenni Connolly (Vashti42)
Jenni Connolly (Vashti42)
December 29, 2021

They were prompt, clearly communicated and finished the job in just three days. I am extremely happy with the results.

Working With OLÉ

What Does Working With OLÉ Look Like?

Phase 1: Getting to Know You - Consultation

Every transformative journey at Outdoor Living Experts begins with a personalized on-site consultation led by our experienced designers. In this initial phase, we take the time to understand your needs, preferences, and budget, ensuring we align our expertise with your vision. Our team conducts a thorough site survey, discussing your project goals to formulate a clear path forward and determine the precise type of proposal needed.

Phase 2: Unleashing Creativity - Design

Our creative process takes center stage as we delve into brainstorming and planning your outdoor space. If a formal plan is deemed unnecessary, we proceed to craft a detailed written proposal, transparently listing materials and labor to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of our offerings.

Should a scaled drawing be required, we initiate the design phase, requesting a design fee retainer, which is refunded upon project completion. This phase involves an extensive site analysis, ensuring an accurate representation of your property, evaluating grade elevations, addressing irrigation, proposing drainage solutions, and creating a 3D conceptual blueprint alongside a video tour of the site. Our aim is to complete the design within 10–14 days from our initial consultation, setting the stage for the next phase of your outdoor transformation.

Phase 3: Vision to Reality - Finalization

Depending on the complexity of your project, we may meet again at your home or at our office to finalize details. This stage allows us to showcase product samples and make any necessary adjustments to your proposal, ensuring our visions are perfectly aligned. We strive to make this phase an exciting journey towards creating a space that will bring you joy and satisfaction for years to come, ensuring you feel confident in your decisions.

Phase 4: Transformation in Action - Breaking Ground

With your commitment confirmed by signing the proposal, we order your materials and provide an estimated timeline for completion. Please note that exact start dates may vary due to weather conditions. We pride ourselves on our dependability; your designated crew will remain focused on your project until its completion. Pre-construction meetings ensure a seamless, safe installation process, with your production manager serving as your daily point of contact and our construction superintendent overseeing quality assurance. We take great care to respect your property and that of your neighbors throughout the construction phase.

Phase 5: Empowerment and Assurance - Educate

As we bring our work to completion, we invite you to a final walkthrough to ensure the project meets your expectations. We are committed to educating you on the proper care and maintenance of your new outdoor space, and we proudly stand by our warranties for both landscaping and hardscaping. Our trees and shrubs come with a one-year guarantee from the date of installation, and most of our Techo-Bloc pavers and walls are protected by a limited lifetime warranty, with a two-year installation guarantee provided by Outdoor Living Experts.

We encourage you to reach out if you have any questions or notice signs of decline post-installation. Your long-term satisfaction and the success of your landscape are of utmost importance to us at Outdoor Living Experts.

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Discovering Poquoson: A City of Serenity and Affluence

Poquoson, Virginia, stands as a captivating city, seamlessly blending its rich history with the allure of modern living. Residents of affluent neighborhoods such as Oxford Run and Lawson Farms are treated to a luxurious lifestyle, surrounded by scenic beauty and tranquility. The city’s renowned events like the Poquoson Seafood Festival showcase its culinary prowess, bringing together communities through delicious seafood, vibrant live music, and an array of arts and crafts from talented local artisans.

A Hub of Nature and Recreation

With attractions that cater to history buffs, nature enthusiasts, and recreational seekers alike, Poquoson ensures a well-rounded experience for all its residents. The Poquoson Museum stands as a testament to the city’s storied past, housing a plethora of local artifacts and stories. Nature lovers will find solace in the Plum Tree Island National Wildlife Refuge, a sprawling sanctuary that is perfect for bird watching and soaking in the natural beauty. The city's parks, particularly the Poquoson City Park, offer immaculate recreational facilities, playgrounds, and walking trails, ensuring that families have ample opportunities to engage in outdoor activities.

A Community Rooted in History and Hospitality

Poquoson's unique standing as one of the oldest continuously named cities in Virginia is a cherished aspect of its identity. The residents take great pride in preserving the city's small-town charm while simultaneously enjoying the conveniences of modern living. The city's dedication to maintaining its natural splendor and fostering a tight-knit community atmosphere makes Poquoson a highly desirable place to live. It strikes the perfect balance between peaceful living and accessibility, being conveniently located within the Hampton Roads metropolitan area. Whether you're contemplating a move to Poquoson or are simply exploring what the city has to offer, you are sure to be embraced by its warm community and the undeniable charm that makes Poquoson a city like no other.